Developed by Dr. David Berceli, TRE ® (Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises ®) is a gentle and effective approach to releasing deeply held tension that has accumulated in the body due to everyday life circumstances, immediate or prolonged stress, or traumatic life experiences (i.e., motor vehicle accidents, social or domestic violence, developmental trauma, etc.).

TRE ® uses a set of seven simple exercises which are gentle and can be modified for any body type or restriction, to evoke a self-controlled, natural, muscular tremor reflex in the body. The tremor reflex is the nervous system's method of discharging stored energy and unconscious muscular contractions.  This tremor reflex originates from the brain stem and releases deep in the core of the body through the psoas muscles and then outward from the core along the spine, slowly unwinding muscular holding patterns from the sacrum to the cranium.  Because it is a body-based release originating from the brain stem, there is very little emotional or cognitive process that is stirred by the practice. So it is a safe and gentle way for the body to process held trauma without re-triggering old memories.

TRE ® is easily learned, has immediate impact and can be integrated into a simple daily routine to help restore a sense of inner peace and emotional resiliency.  Once the technique is mastered the tremor reflex will naturally arise while the body is in a resting position.

TRE ® is being used by thousands of people around the world as an effective tool for releasing chronic stress, physical tension and emotional trauma.

Introduced to TRE ® in 2013, Jessica immediately recognized the power and beauty of this healing practice.  She is now a Certified TRE® Practitioner and is passionate about sharing this modality with others.  Jessica teaches TRE ® in private sessions and in group classes.  The process is taught in a series of three sessions.  Once the technique is mastered, clients can practice it on their own to enhance their path of healing and to empower their experience of self-care. 

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