At the core of energy-based healing lies the belief that we are more than physical beings.  We are actually complex systems of energy.

From an energy-based perspective, disruptions in our physical and emotional health can be traced back to imbalances on an energetic level.  Each time we sustain trauma in life, our energy field is imprinted with the charge of that event, eventually resulting in blockages in the flow of life force in our bodies and thus, imbalances in our sense of physical and emotional well-being.

Soul Care is a gentle, hands-on approach which restores balance to the subtle body by removing blocks, flushing out stagnation and re-establishing a renewed flow of life force.  In her sessions, Jessica blends shamanic energy work with the supportive foundation of Reiki and spiritual guidance for a seamless experience of gentle, yet powerful shifting.  Each layer of your energy body is reviewed to uncover disruptions that may be tied to areas of original wounding on a soul level.  To facilitate the healing of these wounds, we employ a variety of energetic tools designed to realign you with your spiritual power.  These practices may include:

  • Chakra clearing/balancing
  • Extraction work (removal of foreign energy)
  • Soul Retrieval (recovering pieces of your vital essence that  have been missing)
  • Releasing energy cords (to past or present relationships which may be draining your vitality)
  • Clearing ancestral patterns/memories

Effective for both people and animals, Soul Care offers profound results with minimal intervention and can be a powerful diagnostic tool to help pinpoint the sources of dis-ease which may be disrupting your overall sense of well-being.