Reiki is a Japanese word which means "universal life force."  Reiki also describes a system of natural healing which hails from Japan and which restores balance and harmony through gentle, sacred touch.  Reiki is a holistic approach to well-being which cultivates a strong flow of "ki" or energy in the physical body, while also supporting us in releasing patterns of emotional holding and helping us open in deeper ways to our sense of compassion and our spiritual selves.

Above all, Reiki is a very gentle, safe and nurturing modality which offers profound healing for people and animals in all stages of life.  Because Reiki is so simple to learn, people often choose to practice it as a means of self-healing and self-nourishment.  This practice can easily be incorporated into your daily life and be used as a "first-aid" tool which can be shared with others.

Jessica offers private Reiki sessions as well as a variety of Reiki classes throughout the year.  She teaches from a place of deep respect and love for this healing art and is honored to share this practice with others.