Imagine the restorative gift of warm, smooth stones gliding over your body, gently coaxing you into profound relaxation.  Hot Stone Massage nourishes your body while it calms your mind, relaxes your body and revitalizes your spirit.

The smooth, volcanic basaltine stones used in Hot Stone Massage were formed from deep within the earth and contain all of the elements we need to guide us back to balance.  The stones were crafted by volcanic fire and worn smooth over many years by tumbling through river waters churned by blowing winds.

The stones remind us of the elements buried within our own bodies: the minerals in our blood and bones, the water in our cellular fluids, the fire of our core temperature and the air of our breath which sustains us.

When you receive a Hot Stone Massage, you are touched by the balance of these elements in the stones, and you begin to feel deeply nourished and connected to your core self, finding that balance and sense of integrated wholeness within.