Flower essences are vibrational tinctures made from an infusion of very particular flowers picked right at the first bloom.  A flower holds the entire energetic healing blueprint of any plant as it requires all of the plant's cells to work in unison to produce a flower bud.  When these buds open, they release a strong energetic pulse which is drawn out and into the essence tincture.

Flower essences act like an energy treatment in a bottle.  As you introduce the tincture into your physical body, you introduce a high frequency of energy as well.  Over time, your own energy body begins to entrain with and resonate to the healing frequency of the flowers, and subtle shifting becomes apparent.

Flower essences are a wonderful and gentle adjunct to support any healing modality and are safe and effective for children and pets as well.

Jessica offers flower essence remedies in conjunction with her treatments as needed.  Remedies can also be custom crafted for clients as requested.