Chakras: Gateways to Higher Consciousness

Chakras...these powerful and profound vortices of energy are a key component of our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.  This one-day workshop focuses on how to work with the chakras as a gateway to the Divinity within you. We will explore the structure and function of the chakras and many ways you can clear, charge and align them through the application of voice, visualization, meditation, breath work and singing bowls.  If you have experience doing chakra balancing, this class will take you deeper.  If you are new to chakra balancing, this will open up a powerful way of improving your overall health and well-being.


Introduction to Sound Healing:

Come explore the power of sound.  This class introduces you to sound as a healing modality through a variety of experiences including breath work, listening exercises, guided meditations and toning with your voice.  You will feel the harmonious vibrations of sound waves move through your being as we experiment with instruments such as metal and crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, the didjeridoo and more.  The history and science of sound healing will be woven throughout the workshop.  This is primarily an experiential class to help you develop comfort in using your voice and other sound tools to restore balance and harmony in your life.

This class is highly recommended as a pre-requisite for all other sound healing classes taught by Patrice.  No musical or singing experience needed!

Oregon LMT's can earn 6 CE credits.


Saturday Morning Sound Bites:

(Oregon LMTs can receive CE hours for these classes.)

Introduction to Sound Healing: This is a 3-hour introduction to the healing power of sound.  We will explore the basics of how sound affects our minds, bodies and spirits.  Class topics will include a discussion of the theory and principles of the physics of sound and an overview of different sound modalities such as  voice, singing bowls, tuning forks, etc. We will also cover topics such as frequency, vibration, the Law of Resonance, entrainment, brain waves, harmonics, breath, intention and listening for our own unique fundamental note which brings us back into balance.  This class is a helpful foundation for all the other Saturday Morning Sound Bites and other classes Patrice offers.

Singing Bowls: A short introduction for you to learn about the history, use and application of singing bowls.  We will cover a number of topics including how to purchase the right singing bowl for you and how to use it for healing purposes.

Vocal Toning and Chakra Balancing: A short introduction to the power of vocal toning and how to begin a daily practice of tuning yourself up with your voice.  The benefits of vocal toning and chakra balancing are numerous! Come see and hear for yourself!  If you already have experience with toning but want to come to participate and benefit from the power of toning in community, we welcome you!

Elemental Sounds and Indigenous Instruments: This 3-hour class is devoted to an deeper exploration of the sounds of the elements in nature (Fire, Water, Air and Earth) and how these sounds can impact our health and well being.  Topics covered include ways to return to personal balance through listening more deeply to these elemental sounds all around us.  Ancient, indigenous cultures have always been aware of and tuned into the elements as healing forces.  We will explore how such indigenous instruments (e.g., drums, rattles, whistles, conch shell and digeridoo) are connected to the elements and can support personal healing.  Much of the class will be experiential with us listening to and playing with these instruments.


Sacred Sound Series:

In this 6-week series, you will be guided deeper into your exploration and application of sound as a tool for personal growth and transformation.  We will work on cultivating our listening skills, tuning into subtler levels of sound vibration, as well as our vocal toning skills.  Other sound techniques will be explored in greater depth, such as the use of drums, rattles and bells, chanting and over-toning.

Meeting weekly allows you to deepen your at home practice in the supportive context of a community of other students.

Oregon LMT's can receive 12 CE credits for this class.




This weekend workshop introduces you to the magical combination of sacred sound techniques and the power of Hot Stone Massage.  Appropriate for bodyworkers and anyone else interested in deepening their exploration of the healing power of sound, this class explores how sound therapy can be enhanced thorough the application of hat, basalt stones.  Basalt stones have a similar molecular structure as quartz crystal and therefore, amplify the sound waves, thus deepening the penetration of heat and vibration into the body.

We will experiment with stones, tuning forks, voice and other sound instruments to create a magical experience of transformational healing for the body, mind and spirit.

Oregon LMT's can receive 12 CE credits for this class.


Sound Healing for LMT's and Healing Practitioners:

Add a whole new dimension to your massage practice!  In this class you will learn how to apply voice, singing bowls, tuning forks and other instruments to the body.  Adding sound to your bodywork practice will deepen the experience of relaxation and the opportunity for healing to be supported on energetic and physical levels.

Oregon LMT's can receive 6 CE credits for the class.