Reiki I, 1st degree:

Students are introduced to the practice and art of healing with Reiki.  The weekend is an inspired journey underscored by storytelling and personal sharing as students are guided through a series of four initiations, or energetic ceremonies which open them more deeply and consciously to the flow of life force moving through them.  The lineage and history of Reiki are shared along with the five Reiki principles.  Students learn how to give themselves Reiki, as well as how to share Reiki with others.

Oregon LMTs receive 14 CE credits for this class.


Reiki II, 2nd degree:

This class is for those who have been practicing 1st degree and are called to deepen their relationship with Reiki.  Students are introduced to the sacred Reiki symbols and learn how to work with them to deepen their personal healing.  Students also learn how to do distance treatments, sending Reiki through time and space.  One additional initiation is shared.

Oregon LMTs receive 8 CE credits for this class.


The Reiki Way:

This workshop offers an opportunity to dive into the language and nuances of the five Reiki principles.  Come prepared to explore the meaning beyond the words.  The class incorporates guided meditation, breath work, and process work in a context of deep reverence for our individual journeys.  No prior experience is needed, simply a desire to deepen your understanding of the self in the context of Reiki.

Oregon LMTs receive 6 CE credits for this class.


Reiki Renewal:

This class is a day of rest and renewal designed to support a gentle deepening of your Reiki practice.  We have time to review elements of the Reiki practice, to answer questions, to share stories, and of course, to exchange Reiki treatments.  This is a great opportunity to review some of the Reiki basics, to explore questions that have come up for you, and to receive nourishment.

Oregon LMTs receive 6 CE credits for this class.