Patrice Morency Patrice Morency, MS, LMT, cPT, Sound Healing Practitioner

Patrice has been in the Massage Therapy field for over 29 years as both a practitioner and a teacher.  She holds a Masters of Science degree in Sports Medicine which she applied in her private practice of 20 years working with injury management and sports massage.

Over a decade ago, she was introduced to sound as a healing modality and received profound personal healing from working with sound vibration.  She was so inspired by this experience that she underwent extensive training in the therapeutic application of sound.  She now incorporates this sound work in her practice through an exquisite and profound blend of hands-on body-work, hot stone therapy and the healing vibrations of sound created by her array of musical instruments, including singing bowls, didjeridoo and more.

As someone who has always sought nourishment and balance from nature and the elements, Patrice delights in bringing the natural world into her work through the therapeutic use of hot stones.

She considers this work sacred and is honored to work with clients at a deeper level than can often be accessed through massage alone.

Patrice offers a variety of classes introducing others to the power of the sound and stones.  Her love for this healing art form is reflected in her enthusiasm, clarity and gentleness as both a teacher and a healer.



I was introduced to sound healing ten years ago while experiencing a dark night of the soul during a midlife crisis.  My health had suffered after 20 years of giving massage full time.  I had low thyroid and adrenal exhaustion and depression.  Trying to get back to a healthy state, I tried everything, treating my thyroid, rest, acupuncture, energy work, shamanic work, massage, nutrition, supplements, you name it, I tried it.  Finally, I made the decision to quit working.  I slept 12-14 hours a day for a year and a half.  Very depressed, not knowing how to recover, I spent a lot of time praying.

One day, a friend put a Tibetan singing bowl on my heart after giving me a treatment and played it.  My heart blew open, and I instantly connected with everything!  It was quite a powerful, transformational moment.  After that, I actually felt energy and joy that I hadn't felt in over 10 years.  So began my journey with sound.  I began to read about healing with sound.  I started toning and then taking classes from sound pioneers such as Jonathan Goldman (Colorado) and Chris James (Australia) among others.

By the time I met Chris, my health was good, and I finally felt normal in my physical and emotional body.  I know it was my regular sound and toning practice that led me back to health.  Over the past decade and through my studies and travels, I have met many people with similar stories.  People in deep depression or grief or struggling with physical ailments who recovered through a regular practice of sound in their daily lives.

The rest of the story is that I never have been musically inclined.  I didn't sing much because I have a hard time remembering lyrics, and I got my feelings hurt along the way with people telling me to shut up.  In hindsight, I can see the hundreds of incidents that led to me not having a voice; to a throat chakra that was damaged and all choked up.  Our voice is our most powerful healing tool.  It is our natural gift to releasing pain and energy.  If the voice gets shut down, it effects our health on all levels.

I am passionate about teaching people how to use their voice for healing.  You don't have to be musical or have a pretty voice or remember words to songs in order to benefit from sound.  Listen to children.  Kids are always making sounds; it is a natural thing to do.  Somewhere along the way, our culture has lost the ability to use the voice for healing.  It is time we get it back.  It is necessary for our individual health and for the health of the planet.  It is that big and profound to bring sound in some form back into your life.  So tone the sound "ah;" or sing or chant or listen, just the wind, to the birds, to your breath and your heart beat.  It will begin to bring you back into balance.

I recommend beginning to read the many books on this subject.  It is quite fascinating.  Sound healing is very scientifically-based, and yet it is also quite esoteric and spiritual in its practice.  It has a way of peeling layers of pain and fear and old patterning away to uncover the true self.  Hence it is often described as a powerful tool for personal transformation.  Hundreds of years of research back up the reasons for the healing effects of sound.  The indigenous cultures, the major religions, the greatest philosophers, mystics and scientists of our time knew that sound is a profound healing tool.


You may have noticed some pictures referencing whales, particularly my whale mandala seen at the beginning of my story here and featured on the cover of my vocal toning CD, Harmonic Gateways.  Well, a big part of my story with sound involves my relationship with the whales.

After that initial exposure to the singing bowl on my heart which truly transported me to an expanded awareness, I began to have a recurring dream several nights a week for over a year.  In the dream, a mother whale came to get me and guide me down under to the depths of the deep, dark ocean.  I was scared, but she gently coaxed me deeper down under where suddenly I would see a city of light.  I never did see anything else in the dream, but always awoke with a feeling I had been in training for something.

Many months after I started having this dream, I received a flyer in the mail with a picture of a humpback whale on it and the caption, "The Whales Are Calling You!"  The flyer was an invitation for a trip to the Caribbean to swim with the humpback whales, which is the only place in the world where it is legal to swim with these whales.  Of course, I couldn't ignore this "sign."  So four months later I found myself in the middle of the ocean, no land in sight, swimming with the whales.  It was a profound experience to say the least which continues to live inside me and inspire me each and every day.

Ten feet away from these amazing animals, I could feel the healing vibrations of their songs through every cell of my body.  I was filled with the love radiating from their hearts to mine.  Looking into their eyes touched me to the very core of my being.

On that trip, I met a woman who created mandalas.  She spent some time talking with me and then created my beautiful whale mandala.  This mandala holds much significance for me.  For me it means that as I dive deep down into the ocean of my conscience, my heart, I find my Divine spark.  This image was truly representative of the process I was undergoing during that period of my life.

The last chapter of the story is that through the whale trip, I connected with Australian Sound Healer, Chris James, who became my mentor.  I met him and quickly joined him for a month of training in Australia.  The training took place in his Sound Temple which he built on a sacred site in the rain forest outside of Byron Bay, and Byron Bay happens to be the humpback whale migration center in the Southern Hemisphere!  Again, I felt the whales had guided me to Chris and Australia.

One day during the training while doing a deep guided meditation, I had a realization.  Here I was "down under" in the temple of light!  The hairs on my forearms literally stood at attention as I recognized that the dreams I had been having two years before had actually come true.

So as you see, the humpback whales are a part of the fabric of consciousness.  They are a part of my heart and soul.  And I am forever grateful for their guidance as they call me back to my heart, always for my own healing.  And I believe that as I heal myself, I am better able to contribute to the healing of the world.

I hope my sharing of my story of healing and the classes I teach will inspire you to bring sound and personal healing into your own life!